General terms and conditions

Business cooperation with partners is based on a contractual relation that complies with the corporate policy of the company.

The general terms and conditions of our online store have been drawn up in accordance with theConsumer Protection Act (ZVPot), Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1).

The online store (hereinafter also referred to as: the store) is managed by Makom trgovina d.o.o., Koroška cesta 64, 3320 Velenje, company registration number: 1906674000, ID for VAT: SI 22211187, which is also the provider of e-commerce services (hereinafter also referred to as: the seller or

The general terms and conditions define the operation of the online store and the rights and obligations of both the user and the store, and govern the mutual relations between and the user. The general terms and conditions also govern the individual rules of purchasing our products at delivery points of

Price list
The price list is the basic information the sellers use to inform the buyer of their range of products, and the price and specifications of the products. Prices are based on the EUR/USD corporate exchange rate. If the rate changes by more than 1%, this forms the basis for the formulation of a new price list. The price list may be changed without any prior notice. Any changes of the price list are communicated via our website
www.makom.sior via email. The prices indicated are ex-warehouse prices (i.e. the warehouse of Makom trgovina d.o.o. in Velenje).

Regular post:
Informing our (potential) customers of basic information regarding our range of products. It is intended for communication with all our contractual partners.

It constitutes a form of information exchange and replaces written communication.

It allows continuous access to all information regarding our product range.

Ways to pay allows you to pay with one of the following payment methods:

  • By wiring the required amount to the bank account of as per the quote/pro-forma invoice**
  • By wiring the required amount via PayPal
  • Cash on delivery***

*For certain orders, we reserve the right to request payment to our bank account as per the quote/pro-forma invoice where the Price still applies.

**Once we receive the payment as per the quote/pro-forma invoice, the order will be further processed.

***For orders below EUR 70, we charge EUR 1 for the COD payment method.

At the seat of Makom trgovina d.o.o., Koroška cesta 64, 3320 Velenje, you can pay either with cash or with a debit or creditcard (Activa, MasterCard®, Visa, Visa Electron, BA Maestro). Payment with vouchers is not possible.

If you pay for your online order with a credit card and then decide to cancel or amend your order, please contact us atmakom@makom.siso we can credit your card or refund you the purchase price.

Sales process

With the price list the seller provides the required elements for the order and sends it to the buyer. The buyer orders the goods in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and applicable legislation. We accept orders submitted by fax, e-mail, in writing or via our online store Our quote or pro-forma invoice are usually sent via fax or in an electronic form as an e-mail. The buyer may pick up the goods ordered either in person or have them delivered by a delivery service. Buyers who pay in advance may pick up their goods or the latter will be sent to them one day following payment. The invoice will be sent via regular post either on the same day as the goods or the next day at the latest.

We receive orders during regular business hours. Orders can be sent in writing or via fax or e-mail: Orders placed in writing, via fax or e-mail via our online store are also accepted outside our regular business hours. Orders are confirmed with an automatic confirmation e-mail. Any additional changes have to be clearly marked. The validity of the quote or the pro-forma invoice is indicated on the quote or on the pro-forma invoice itself. Once the quote or pro-forma invoice expires, the validity thereof may be extended at your request; however, such extended quote or pro-forma invoice shall be adequately amended to reflect any changes accrued in the meantime.

The sales and purchase agreement between and the buyer is concluded at the moment when sends the buyer the first e-mail concerning the status of their order (entitled:  Order Status Notification). From that moment all prices and other conditions are deemed final and apply to both and the buyer. The buyer shall be deemed the person with details indicated at the time when the order is placed. No subsequent changes to the buyer details are possible.

The sales and purchase agreement (i.e. the first order status notification) is stored on the server of in an electronic form. The buyer may access the contract by logging in to the online store with their user name and password. The next step involves clicking on their user name -> click on My Account -> and click on Orders.

The buyer may review and edit their order before submitting it. This involves removing products or changing their quantity. Reviewing and editing the basket is possible by clicking the link “Basket”.

When the user leaves the basket by clicking Order the system guides them through the steps of the purchase process. During the ordering procedure the buyer may go back to the Basket at any time, as described in the previous paragraph.

Reservations can be made on the basis of the Quote as agreed with our salesperson or contact person. Reservations for products in stock are valid for one (1) day only, otherwise they are subject to special agreements.

Delivery methods:
When the goods are accepted, we issue a Delivery Note, and by signing the latter the buyer confirms they have accepted the goods. Delivery by Makom trgovina d.o.o. is possible. The costs of delivery are charged as a flat rate or by preliminary agreement with the customer. When the goods are handed over to the delivery service the latter confirms acceptance of the goods by signing the delivery note. The delivery service accepts the goods on weekdays by 3 pm. We assume no responsibility for any delays that can be attributed to the drivers’ inability to arrive on time. The goods are delivered packed and uninsured at the expense and risk of the buyer. Partial deliveries are allowed. At the time of accepting the goods, the Purchase Order has to be submitted. You can pick up the goods ordered in person from the warehouse of the company Makom trgovina d.o.o. from Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 15.00.


The invoice is issued on the basis of the Delivery Note and is sent via regular mail either on the same day as the goods or the next day at the latest.

Replacing the goods
If a buyer mistakenly orders the wrong product(s), the latter can be replaced at the request of the buyer but only in agreement with our salesperson or contact person. The goods are replaced within 8 business days of receipt at prices reduced by 10%. If Makom trgovina d.o.o. makes a mistake at the time of preparing the goods, the wrong goods are replaced immediately.

Business cooperation

Business cooperation with partners is based on a contractual relation that complies with the corporate policy of the company. Business cooperation is confirmed with a Business Cooperation Agreement and Schedules thereto. By signing the Business Cooperation Agreement, the buyer confirms that they are familiar with the general terms and conditions of Makom trgovina d.o.o.


The seller’s goods are subject to a voluntary warranty if so indicated on the warranty slip or invoice submitted to the buyer at the time of delivery, and for as long as indicated on the aforementioned slip or invoice. The compulsory warranty is subject to the statutory terms and conditions. In the case of voluntary warranty any issues where the warranty deviates from these general terms and conditions or from the statutory regulations shall be governed by the provisions of the voluntary warranty. Any warranty is valid only on condition that the instructions on the warranty slip are complied with, and upon submitting either the warranty slip or invoice.

If there is no indication of the voluntary warranty on the documents mentioned in the previous section, it shall be deemed that no such warranty exists.

Provided the liability of the seller is waived under these general terms and conditions, the same also applies to personal liability of their employees, delivery personnel, agents, representatives and assistants.

The seller shall be responsible for factual defects of goods in accordance with the civil law provisions. Consumers are subject to the consumer protection law provisions even if they deviate from the rules stated below.

The seller shall hand the goods over to the buyer in accordance with the contract, and shall be liable for factual defects.

Warranty provisions for Wetrok machines

  1. Makom trgovina d.o.o. warrants for faultless operation of the supplied Wetrok machines, devices and products when used in line with their intended use.
  2. Unless agreed otherwise, the warranty period for machines/devices is 12 months. The warranty period for Wetrok machines is 24 months or 1000 operating hours (whichever comes first). The warranty is valid as of the date on the invoice or as of the date of delivery. For second-hand cleaning machines the warranty period is 6 months as of the date on the invoice. Batteries and chargers have limited warranty periods determined by individual producers and correspond to 1 year or 700 cycles.
  3. The customer is obliged to inspect the machine/device or other products supplied at the time of delivery, and shall notify the seller in writing of any shortcomings.
  4. You cannot enforce your rights under the warranty in the following cases:

-      for any parts that are subject to regular wear-and-tear during use;

-      for defects which result from negligent or incorrect use;

-      if machines and devices were operated, opened and/or repaired by third parties without the prior written consent of Makom trgovina d.o.o.;

-       if machines/devices or products were not used in accordance with the user manual;

-       if spare parts other than original spare parts were used;

-       enforcement of the warranty may also be used if works were carried out without using Wetrok detergents;

-       if devices were not subject to regular cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Makom trgovina d.o.o. undertakes to extend the warranty period for the time required to repair or remedy the defect, provided the repair takes more than 15 days. If it is not possible to repair the product within 45 days, Makom trgovina d.o.o. undertakes to replace such product with a new one.
  2. It is explicitly agreed that the warranty does not give to the buyer the right to enforce any incidental damage or loss of profit.

Material defect

Liability of the company for material defects in accordance with Article 37 and Article 37(a)(b)(c)(č) of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot).

When do we talk about material defects? When:

  • an item lacks properties required for its normal use or circulation;
  • an item lacks properties required for special use for which the buyer has purchased the product, and which the seller was or should be familiar with;
  • an item lacks properties or qualities that were either explicitly or implicitly agreed or prescribed;
  • the seller submits an item that does not match the sample or model unless the sample or model were shown for reference only.

How is the suitability of products verified?

A product is checked against a faultless product of the same type. At the same time, the suitability of the product is also verified on the basis of the producer's statements on the product itself.

How to enforce the rights arising from material defects?

The buyer shall inform us of any material defects together with a detailed description thereof within the statutorily defined time limit. At the same time, the buyer shall allow us to inspect the product. The form for enforcing the rights arising from material defects is availablehere.

The rights arising from material defects are governed more in detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

Right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract

Within 14 days of accepting the product(s), the consumer (this applies exclusively to natural persons purchasing the product for the purposes outside the scope of their gainful activity) may notify the seller of their intent to withdraw from the contract without specifying the reason for it. The above-mentioned time limit starts running on the day of acceptance of the products.

The consumer shall notify the seller of their withdrawal from the contract to the seller's

Consumers can find the form for withdrawing from the contracthere.

If they decide to withdraw from the contract, the consumer shall return the product(s) either via mail to the seller’s address: Koroška cesta 64, 3320 Velenje, or in person at the seller’s seat.

If the products are returned to the company within the time limit stipulated for withdrawal from the contract, this is considered the notice of withdrawal from the contract.

The consumer shall return to the seller the undamaged product in the unchanged quantity, unless the product has been destroyed, damaged or lost, or the quantity of the product was decreased for reasons that cannot be attributable to the consumer. In the period up to the date of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer may not use the products without any limitations. The consumer may inspect and test the products to the extent necessary for identifying the actual condition the products are in. The consumer shall be responsible for a decrease in the value of the goods if such decrease is a consequence of acts not necessary for the purposes of identifying the nature, properties and functioning of the goods.

The only cost the consumer incurs on account of withdrawing from the contract is the cost of returning the goods (which is, if the goods are shipped, charged as per the applicable price list of the delivery service, and depends on whether the goods are considered a shipment/package/cargo). The product shall be returned to the seller no later than within 30 days of the sent notice of withdrawal from the contract (purchase).

The consumer may not withdraw from the contract when the product: was designed specifically for them or adapted to their personal needs, due to its nature does not qualify for a return, is a perishable product or is past its expiry date.

The customer may not withdraw from the contract when such contract involves:

  • goods or services whose price depends on market fluctuations which the company cannot control, and which may arise within the time limit stipulated for withdrawal from the contract.

Refunds for the returned goods will be made as soon as possible and no later than within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. In order to ensure certainty, accuracy and timeliness of refunds and keeping of the records considering the payments, all refunds are made by wiring the amount to the consumer’s bank account. Cash refunds are not possible!

When withdrawing from a contract involving a bonus, promo or discount code, these shall be considered as a discount and shall not be refunded to the consumer. The bank account of the latter will only be credited for the amount they paid for the product(s). A gift card shall be considered a means of payment and shall be returned to the user as a gift card, while the amount paid shall be credited to the user’s bank account.

In rare cases, when products are not returned in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer may be offered compensation determined on the basis of the report drawn up at the time of returning the product(s). Such reduced compensation shall be deemed approved when confirmed by the consumer via e-mail. The consumer may use such compensation solely for ordering another product of the same or higher value.

The right to be refunded the purchase price when enforcing the warranty or material defect are defined more in detail in theConsumer Protection Act(unofficial consolidated text).

The customer may not withdraw from the contract when such contract involves:

  • goods or services whose price depends on market fluctuations which the company cannot control, and which may arise within the time limit stipulated for the withdrawal from the contract.

Complaints and disputes complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation. also puts its best efforts into implementing its duty to ensure an efficient complaint processing system.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, you may contact salesperson either by telephone at 03 898 80 80 or by e-mail Complaints may be submitted via our e-mail The complaint processing procedure is confidential. is aware of the fact that the main feature of consumer disputes is a disproportion between the economic value of a claim and the time needed and costs incurred on account of solving the dispute, which is also the main obstacle why consumers rarely decide to take such disputes before the court. Consequently, puts its best efforts into trying solving any disputes in an amicable way.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with statutory norms Makom trgovina d.o.o. does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for solving a consumer dispute which a consumer might initiate in accordance with the Out-of-Court-Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act., which as the provider of goods and services enables an online store in the Republic of Slovenia, publishes a link to the online dispute resolution platform on their website. Consumers may access the platformhere.

The aforementioned regulation of disputes complies with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.

We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience in our online store!