Privacy and data protection


Makom trgovina d.o.o. undertakes to protect your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Directive. Data will only be used for internal purposes of Makom Trgovina d.o.o. in accordance with the most recent standards and legislation governing personal data protection. No data will be transferred to any third party without your prior written consent except in circumstances prescribed by the law.

We are aware of the significance of personal data, and we invest a lot of attention and effort in providing adequate processing and protection of data. Your personal data will be used exclusively for processing your order (e.g. sending information materials, quotes, invoices, all order-related issues) and improving our communication with you (e.g. target advertising and sending e-mails).

Data on the controller

The controller of personal data is Makom Trgovina d.o.o., Koroška cesta 64, 3320 Velenje.

Where will your personal data be stored and for how long?

Personal data collected on the basis of your explicit consent will be stored in an electronic collection of personal data with adequate technical protection and accessible only to authorised personnel of Makom trgovina d.o.o.

Makom trgovina d.o.o. may process personal data collected for their own needs until the consent for the processing of such data is revoked together with the request to remove personal data from the database and until the client unsubscribes from e-news or until the controller stops pursuing their business activity in the market.

Right of access, limitation, erasure, correction, portability and objection

When you give your consent for the processing of your personal data you can revoke such consent via the following

Users may edit the consents granted for individual processing of data, revoke them or may grant additional consents for other purposes of processing their personal data.

You have the right to request that we erase your personal data.


The owner of the online portal isMakom Trgovina d.o.o., Koroška cesta 64, 3320 SI-Velenje.

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It is prohibited to copy, reproduce or in any other way disseminate such information except for personal use only or for non-commercial purposes or with the prior written consent ofMakom Trgovina d.o.o.with all copyright and other right notices being clearly stated.Each and any reproduced item shall contain"© Makom” sign.


There is a possibility of errors on our the price of the product you have ordered is incorrect, a Makom trgovina d.o.o. salesperson will notify you thereof, and give the possibility to purchase the product at the correct price, which he/she will acquaint you with. As soon as possible, Makom trgovina d.o.o. will also rectify such error (if they have not already done so) and apologise for any inconvenience suffered on account of such error. Makom trgovina d.o.o. shall not sell the product at a price detrimental to the company if the customer has been duly notified thereof. The company reserves the right to rectify the error within three (3) days of the day on which they notified the customer thereof. Actual products may differ from the ones in the photos.